Chto need to know a patient receiving radiation therapy

During treatment, can develop adverse reactions that are caused by the radiation. Most often, reactions occur in 2-3weeks after the end of radiotherapy. Patients mo­Gut the following changes occur.

  1. Changes in the skin: dryness, flaking­of itching, redness, occurrence of bubbles.

For the prevention and treatment of these reactions use spray “Panthenol” ointment “Rescuer”, any modern baby oil on to care for­ments.

  1. Changes that occur in the treatment of Paci­ENTOV with tumors of the head: hair loss, hearing loss, feeling of heaviness in the head.
  2. Side effects that may occur in the treatment of patients with tumors of the face and neck: dry mouth, sore throat, pain or constant eating, spasm, hoarseness, loss of appetite.

To reduce dry mouth and PersheNia recommended throat gargle decoction of chamomile, calendula, peppermint, burying an empty stomach in the morning and at night Sea buckthorn oil with sunflower oil in the ratio of 1: 2 in the nasal cavity.

Teeth treated daily gel and penalties­schimisya toothpaste with a soft tooth­hydrochloric brush.

To reduce the pain when receiving the food rec­pouts:

  • light diet with exception of spicy, salty, acidic, roughage;
  • food should be cooked well milled­Noah;
  • eat frequently in small portions;
  • When cooking use to grow­tion and butter;
  • drink plenty of fluids in the form of vegetable and Fruko­tovyh juices, broth hips, non-acidic cluck­vennogo Morse, etc.
  1. Side effects of radiation therapy in the OPU­Hawley’s chest cavity: Breast tumor; gland, muscle soreness, swelling and bolez­nennost breast pain and difficulty in swallowing, dry cough, shortness of breath, skin reaction in the irradiated region.

Treatment and prevention are the same as in paragraph 1 of.

  1. Adverse effects occurring at leche­SRI patients with tumors of the abdomen and pelvis: loss of appetite, weight loss, Tosh­Note, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal bands in the area of ​​pain­ti, impaired urination (often involuntary­Noah) with a burning sensation, pain in the rectum, vaginal dryness, discharge from the puts­schA.

When irradiated during the first week recom­pouts:

  • food taken frequently, small meals 4-6 times a day;
  • food to be boiled or cooked­hydrochloric steamed, pureed;
  • eliminate fried, salty, spicy foods;
  • exclude the dairy products the appearance of bloating;
  • Diet № 4 (vegetarian soups lean meat or fish broth, cereal, jelly, meat boiled, white bread from flour of higher grades, better in the form of crumbs, freshly made cheese, broths blueberry, rose, ripe pears, non-acidic apple, tea cocoa water, black coffee).
  1. Side effects may occur at about­awns radiation limbs, pelvis, spine: brittle bone (mostly – konechnos­Tei), changes in blood parameters, muscle soreness, the reaction of the mucous membranes of the esophagus, ki­shechnika – it depends on the body part that is under the­jected to irradiation.

Patients receiving radiation therapy must to rest for three hours after the procedure to transfer the treatment well. Balanced diet can prevent weight loss. req­Dimo wear loose clothing, not a pressure on an­region of irradiation. Underwear should be soft­Kim (linen or cotton). In the shower, use moderately warm water. irradiation area protected from sunlight.

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