Fizicheskie exercise with lymphedema

Special exercises will help improve the core­nazh lymph prevent fibrosis, increase the effect of the contraction, to expand the range of motion swollen limbs, prevent stiffness su­pose. Requires regular systematic motionvoltage swollen limbs, as the contraction of the muscles and stimulates the flow of lymph and blood circulation. If the execution of active movements difficult, the patient should be twice a day to perform sparing exercise.

It must be remembered that too vigorous, requiring effort, exercise can sometimes be at­incur damage as cause dilation of blood vessels and increases the flow of lymph. Patsien­there with swollen feet should not sit or stand for a long time, to move heavy objects – is reducible­dit to stagnation of blood and lymph. Not recommended for­Niemann arms at an angle greater than 90 °. Such a provision reduces the space between Clue­chitsey and the first rib, circulatory disturbance­Nia and leads to increased edema. Avoid at­standing use of support bandages for hands. Use them only during walks.

Self-massage and lymph drainage

Massage is performed in order to lymph flow was starting from (irreducible) lymph vessels to the deeper muscle (abbreviated­schimsya) lymphatic vessels.

The majority of patients with lymphedema after mastektomii have swelling, extending from the fingers to the upper torso. Swelling of the lower part of the body is observed in patients with lymphedema of feet.

Massage – the only way to cope with the swelling of the body, allowing more freely lymph drained from the swollen limb. Methods wt­black: stroking straight, bowing­Suitable strokes in the direction from the hands to the armpit or groin to the foot of­domain. Massage axillary carried slow circles for one minute.

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