Functional capacity studies

In the study of the functional ability of the right from the heart of the business in patients of group I, a decrease in the ratio E / A TC was observed . In group II, a further decrease in the E / A TC ratio was diagnosed . In group III, a significant increase in KDR, KDO and RV CSR was diagnosed. In patients with group III, the cardiac index (SI) of the pancreas was increased, which is associated with an increase in heart rate in the later stages of hemoblastosis, due to anemia and intoxication. A decrease in the maximum blood flow velocity in the early diastole (E TC ), an increase in the maximum blood flow velocity in the late filling phase of the pancreas (A TC ) and a decrease in the E / A ratio were detected. Increase A TC in the process of tumor progression in CLL can be explained by an increase in heart rate in these patients. E TC depends on the difference in pressure gradient in the cavities of the right heart and is not related to the heart rate, therefore, this indicator does not change in groups I and II. A decrease in E TC was diagnosed only in patients of group III, where dilatation of the pancreatic cavity takes place. Thus, early signs of diastolic dysfunction of the pancreas were detected in patients with CLL I group; in the II and III groups, disturbance of the diastolic function of the pancreas progressed. A significant decrease in the fraction of the prostate ejection was diagnosed only in patients of group III. The index of TMPS PZHDincreased in patients in groups II and III .

In group I patients with CLL, there was an increase in TMZS LC , in groups II and III, it continues to increase. In patients with groups II and III, the thickness of the interventricular septum increases. An increase in the A MC and reduction ratio E / A is diagnosed at the early stages of tumor progression (I group), which is evidenced by the presence of left ventricular diastolic dysfunction. In the process of tumor development, disorders of LV diastolic function are progressing: A MKincreases, reaching maximum values ​​in group III, and, accordingly, the ratio E / A MK significantly decreases . Due to an increase in heart rate, an increase in the LV LV and LV LV . Only in group III there was a significant increase in KDR, KSR, KDO, KS O and a decrease in LV EF .

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