Instruktsiya stoma bags for replacement, the proposed “Conway Teck”

Before beginning the procedure make sure that the container with the material to change contained everything you need. Then you need the following:

  • Prepare a clean Colostomy bags;
  • Increase scissors central opening of the plate so that it accurately BME­schalo a stoma;
  • Separate gently used kalopri­emnik, starting from the top (try not to thee­pull the skin);
  • remove Colostomy bags used in the gas­that, in a paper or plastic bag;
  • Clean the skin around the stoma using a dry gauze or paper towels;
  • rinse with warm water and wipe the stoma and the skin around her blotting movements;
  • get wet wipes skin around the stoma dry (do not use cotton wool – it leaves on the skin of the villi);
  • apply a protective cream and massage until complete absorption;
  • stick to clean the stoma Colostomy bags using manual.

Application of the adhesive (adhesive) stoma bags (single-component):

  • Remove the wrapping paper;
  • Position the center of the hole over the stoma, Execu­Zuya mirror to check the correct position;
  • press down evenly and make sure that the plate is smooth and has no wrinkles, folds;
  • check the correct positioning of drainage­of the bag opening (bottom);
  • Make sure the latch is in the closed position,

Two-component Colostomy bags worn differently. Adhesive (sticky) plate can remain on the patient for several days, untilyet provides comfort. The plate has a flanged ring of different sizes. To select op­optimality size of the patient is necessary to remember, that the diameter of the flange ring should be approximately 12 mm larger than the diameter of the stoma.

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