Nadevanie diapers patient

Patients with urinary incontinence better use­vatsya diapers. Diapers are selected on the time­measure based on the patient’s weight. They put so:

  • Prepare diaper;
  • convince the patient of the need Utilized­
    Nia diapers;
  • Turn the patient on one side (back to him);
    • expand the diaper;
  • Determine where .oblast buttocks, Ms.­Vaught (there are Velcro in the abdomen);
  • Put a diaper under the buttocks of the lumbar region;
  • turn the patient on his back, then – over,
    straightening diaper;
  • Return to the starting position of the patient – on
  • Ask the patient to bend your knees slightly and dissolve them;
  • Lay the diaper in the crotch area, and Daw­Vaught, flatten and spread in the hips;
  • tuck diapers lower portion under the upper;
  • fasten diapers velcro (left

on right).

Between shifts diapers patient must handle the genitals and buttocks.

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