Pitanie patient with a stoma bowel

The patient and his family should be aware that the nature of power has a decisive influence on the hour­Tautou his chair.

Anyone with a stoma bowel eating­a balanced diet at regular intervals, and slowly, carefully chewing on it. Patients should be warned that by­from the point, and other indigestible food components will be visible in the stool.

People with a colostomy does not require restrictions on food, although many products may cause IU­teorizm. Most ileostomy not Propus­cabins smell and some (bicomponent) have the valves for the release of gases, in some way solve the problem of flatulence.

People with iliostoma for 4 – 6 weeks pos­le operation is necessary to avoid the rich tartan­Coy and giving in feces much indigestible hour­particles products. In the following high-fiberproducts can be added in small amounts. Beli person can not tolerate such food, after two or three attempts to exclude it from the diet.

During the day, should be separate from the solid food use of at least 1500-2000 ml liquid and 6 – 9 g of salt. The patient should know that ileostomy results in a shutdown function of the colon. The small intestine is only partially compensated capable­Rowan opportunity colon to absorb water and mineral salts to produce some wi­Tamino. Ability to accumulate and regularthe contents of the allocation is lost completely. But by the end of the second month after the surgery the small intestine is adapted so that the majority of patients can restore the old regime and ha­rakter power. Food is better to take regular­but in small portions. Fasting or restricting food intake leads to throughdimensional formation gases and diarrhea. dining beam­Chez early and eat a small Included Quantity­, an initiative which will lead to fewer vyde­tions through the stoma in the night.

At the same time, patients should know how way certain foods affect oporozh­nenie intestine.

Products that accelerate intestinal emptying­ka: sweeteners (sugar, honey, fruit); god­Tide table salt – pickles, smoked­obtained; spicy food; rich plant checkered­Coy – black bread, some raw vegetables and­you, fat (including vegetable oil), green F­salt, spinach; milk, fresh yogurt, fruit-flavored water, juices, cold dishes and drinks, ice cream,beer. Spicy food should be consumed carefully, in small amounts, combine them with rice, Ma­Karon or potatoes.

Accelerate gastric emptying excitement, then­roplivaya food and lifting weights.

Thickener content coming from the small intestine, it is possible to make rice, blueberries, ter­Tide apples, jelly.

Products that delay emptying ki­shechnika,They include astringents and legkousvai­Vai dishes, including white crackers, cereals, cheese, mucous soups, corn, pureed oatmeal, raisins, dried fruit, rice, warm pureed soups, jelly, strong tea, coffee, cacao, natural coloring­Noah wine (nekreplenoe).

Constipation also leads a sedentary lifestyle, a limited amount of fluid (less than 1.5 liters per day) as well as some medicinal fluids­CTBA (analgesics, antidepressants and others.).

Products that do not affect gastric emptying:Steam and chopped meat, fish, eggs,­grinding the fruits and vegetables without skin and bones­check, wheat bread.

Peel tomatoes, apples and corn, Ore­chi, cucumber or citrus pulp cause SIS­we bowel, leading to abdominal pain.

However, be aware that the response to the received­May of individual foods, Conse-­quently, each picks up a diet self parking­tion.

Calm and lax lifestyle with length­tion exposure to fresh air and mind­rennymi physical activity as a way to­exists a satisfactory function thin quiche­ki. ”

For choosing the right diet Paci­entu with iliostoma, upon returning home after the operation, you need to keep a diary, where he will be employed to record their food, their number and the reception, as well as the time of bowel movements, the consistency of secretions, odor, and if­honors flatus (subjective oschu­scheniyam) through the stoma. Be sure We mention­chat appearance of pain and the amount of urine. Maintaining such a diary during the first 4 – 6 no­del after surgery the patient will accurately yc­thanes, what foods and how much more acceptable to him. Form diary could be next.

When it is clear the effect of different foods on the activities of the stoma, on the future conduct of the diary can be dispensed with.

Due to the fact that the same products can have different effects on the composition and volume of discharge ileostomy, strict instructions on diet can not be given. You can give the patient a recommendation that the best return to the pro­ucts that are more likely to use them to the opera­tion figuring when administered diary those to­torye bad influence on the activities of the stoma, and­gradually abandon them.

Below is a list of foods developed in the State Research Center of Coloproctology MZRF, which can serve as a shout­entirom in formulating the diet with ileostomy.

The drinks: tea, herbal tea, broth from rosehips, cocoa, coffee weak, mine­tral gas without water, fruit juice (after meal), beer, wine.

Grain mill products: wheat bread white or gray yesterday’s batch, buns and Pec­Nya, white croutons of bread, sponge cakes.

snacks: mild cheese, low-fat herring, caviar payusnaya or grain, meat pate homemade.

fats: butter, ghee, vegetable.

eggs and dishes from them: boiled egg, boiled (not more than one egg per day), scrambled eggs as part of other dishes.

Milk and milk products: milk in Natu­eral form is strictly individual, because most people cause bloating and­nose. To maintain the correct composition of micro­the intestinal flora is recommended every morning to drink kefir. Suitable cottage cheese and processed cheese.

soups: Different loosely on meat, fish or chicken broth with different cereals, pasta, noodles, mucous broths; vegetables, pureed soups.

Meat and fish dishes: various products of low-fat beef, veal, lean Petit­tzu and fish (roasting when not rolled in su­haryah not to form a rough crust).

Cereal and pasta: cereal, pudin­Ki-baked patties from cereals without gross shorter­ki, boiled pasta, vermicelli. Cereals before­respectful rice and semolina.

Vegetables and herbs: Puree a variety of vegetables, ny­Ding, vegetable patties, baked without a crust, cauliflower boiled with butter, early kabach­ki and pumpkin stew. Finely chopped, early, raw herbs (dill, parsley) can be added to various dishes.

Fruits and berries: puree, jelly, jellies, mousses of different fruits and berries, dry and fresh. Jam in a limited number.

Sweet dishes: sugar, sweets and biscuits in a limited number.

Sauces and spices: in a very small amount of meat and fish sauces, tomato sauce, mayonnaise, a bay leaf, onions in moderation.

Salt: 6 – 9 grams per day.

Food is recommended to take four times a day at the same hours.

Not recommended:

products from fancy and warm dough, fatty meats, poultry and fish, smoked, marinades, meat, fish and other oils and concentrates, sausage, cold drinks, ice cream, vegetables and­you’re kind, fried eggs (fried), sharp cheeses, overheated fats, fat dessert, drinks, mustard, vinegar, saffron.

Sample menu for a person with iliostoma:

8.00 – 9.00 – Steam fish cutlets with maps­felnym puree sauce. Vermicelli with oil. Butter, tea, white bread.

13.00 – 14.00 – soup of carrots and POTATO­A meat broth with croutons. Meatballs meat with bechamel sauce and noodles. Apple mousse. Bread gray.

19.00 – 20.00 – semolina pudding, baked with grated cheese, and sour cream. Carrot Cutlets­nye, fried without flour and breadcrumbs. Tea, white bread.

22.00 – jelly, biscuit yesterday.

The patient should know that no closing apparatus in colostomy does not allow to hold the intestine gases. However, gassing can try to adjust. Their abundance and expectoration observed in colitis and gastritis with reduced­Noah acidity before the imposition of colostomy. In these cases it is advisable to consult a doctor and treat these diseases.

Excessive flatulence is also observed in the use of milk, especially boiled, potatoes, cabbage, cucumber, radish, beer, peas, beans, nuts and other products. The use of activated carbon significantly reduces to­amounts of gas in the intestines.

Part ostomy patients Decrease the mark­shenie gases in the formation decreases ratsio­not bow.

Some products give excessive feces­but the putrid smell. This is – cheese, eggs, fish, F­salt, onion (different), cabbage (any), as well as the neko­torye vitamins and medicines.

Reduce the unpleasant odor of feces: cluck­Gov. juice, cranberry juice (after a meal in the afternoon), yogurt, kefir (in the morning).

When the malodor accompanied­guide gassing, it is recommended to use a special, odor absorbing pads. In Colostomy bags can add a special pore­shock, neutralizing odor, tablets, activated­bathrooms coal or aspirin. Deodorant will not design­nyaet smell but only mixed with it, giving it a sharpness that can attract the attention of okra­zhayuschih.

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