POMOSCH IN lymphedema

Lymphedema – a swelling of the tissues due to limfostazom. In most cases, lymphedema times­Viva after surgery for breast cancer, pelvic cancer, as a result of post-operative infections, radiation therapy, recurrence of cancer in the axillary, inguinal and pelvic areas.

Unlike other types of lymphedema swelling svya­linked to changes in the skin and subcutaneous TKA­nyah, especially when the surface lymphatics heavily overloaded or clogged. The re­result of these changes, the patient has the following symptoms:

  • tumor limb (upper or lower);
  • feeling of tension in the limbs;
  • feeling of heaviness;
  • pain and discomfort due to the pressure on the joints and ligaments.


  • lymphorrhea (leakage of lymph fluid);
  • keratosis (skin roughness as a consequence of protein fibrosis and infection);
  • formation of deep wrinkles in the skin;
  • sign Stemler (inability to take the skin of the limbs in the fold);
  • cellulite.

A patient experiencing psychological difficulties, associated with changes in shape of the body, an increase in the volume of the upper or lower limbs.

Lymphoedema can not be completely cured, so the sooner treatment starts, the positive result will be achieved soon. effectiveness­ciency of treatment depends on the degree of swelling of the limb, and general physical condition of the patient.

The range of therapeutic measures in lymphedema include psychological support for the patient (training, consulting), skin care, Exercising, gentle massage, lymph drainage.

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