Prichiny of breast cancer

Mammary gland – hormone-dependent organ. As its normal development and function, and pathological changes occur in it

under the influence of certain hormones. The development of breast due not so much to increase or decrease the concentration of individual hormylnew blood as with their discharge rhythm disturbances, changes their normal ratio in the body, hormonal regulation of biochemical processes in the cells and breast tissues.

These disharmonious disorder is usually not visible to the patient, but may persist th­rows. Factors that could cause and support them to increase the risk of developing breast cancer.

One factor is age: 40 – 60 years.1 At this time in a woman’s body occur Mountainsmonalnye changes caused by the development of menopause and menopause. development cus­Max – a normal physiological process, but there is a reduction in the period of adaptation! stability of the organism and the endocrine system.

At present, many women for the prevention of pregnancy using various | birth control pills (contraceptive) agents including hormonal pills that protect against unwanted pregnancy. For a long time, for many years, their use, especially in the very young age or before the first birth, it is undesirable because it can disrupt the hormonal metabolism in the body and stimulate the development of existing precancerous changes in the mammary gland MO.

The development of breast cancer may method­update themselves excessive consumption of animal fats­of origin of foods high in cholesterol, sugar, concentrated broths, egg yolk, butter.

Vitamins play an important role in metabolic processes, including having a protective anti-tumor character. chronic insufficient­current in the body of certain vitamins, such as beta-carotene, is a cause of cancer mo­mammary gland.

Psychoneurogenic disorders, neurosis, neuritis­Walls, dystonia can STI­formulated the tumor changes in the body. Theyoccur after psycho, psychological ne­overloads.

Often the patients themselves attribute the appearance at the tumor changes in the breast with herbs­Mami (bruises, squeezing, wound). mechanical­cal trauma of breast, especially neodnok­Conversely repetitive, can stimulate swelling­Left changes.

Smoking and alcohol use increase the risk of of developing breast cancer, especially in women who smoked before the onset of permanent IU­nopauzy.

Every woman should:

  • observe the rules of good nutrition, CCA­cially during the menopause and climacterium;
  • monitor the body weight;
  • Do not neglect the anti-tumor activity of vitamins – beta-carotene, vitamin C;
  • protect the mammary gland from bruises, bumps and squeezing;
  • wear a loose and well maintained mo­mammary glands bras through which pre­duprezhdaetsya their sagging, concussion of the motion;
  • treated promptly ovary disease, thyroid, liver;

“Restrict or eliminate smoking, use of alcohol.

Early diagnosis of precancerous and tumor­O breast disease depends ca­my woman. It is recommended that profilak­matic inspection once a year after reaching the age of 30.

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