PROTSESS tumor development

The development of tumors in tissues is not specific roofing­to for people. Neoplasms are found in the tissues of plants, in animals – in all representatives of wildlife except unicellular.

General biological features of the tumor TKA­It became known as tumor atypia. Distinguish structural, metabolic and functional atypia.

Among structural abnormalities distinguish tissue and cell.

tissue atypiaexpressed in a change in comparison with the norm, shape and size, an ordered­magnetizations and orientation of structures in nature­GOVERNMENTAL for a given tissue and organ. So, due to cells that retain signs of maturity, may from­menitsya ratio of individual tissue plas­Comrade. Of these mature cells form tumor nodules with fibroids (of muscle tissue), whether-komah (adipose tissue), fibromas (fromunite­tion of tissue). When adenomas can be seen again­crease glandular tissue, which is the secret of Scapa­Lebanon in the ducts of the glands, forming cysts. tissue­vy atypia characteristic of the benign tumors and is an important diagnostic Cree­teriem.

cellular atypia is a sign of Naru­sheniya cell differentiation, the process to­Torah cells acquire specialized structures and receptors that allow them to react­Vat to regulate their function substance and mountains­Mons. In the absence of such structures the cells can not perform their functions. Dezifferentsirovka cells accompanied by their structural features rejuvenation and atypia form and were­ranks. Often the cells are rounded, the mass of the nucleus in:relation to the cytoplasm increases – such cells are called blasts. These nuclei can be seen a large number of enlarged nucleoli, indicating the previous cell division activated its synthetic functions. Athy­Pismo form expressed in ugly appearance nuclei tsitoplasticheskih outgrowths. In the nucleus and cyto­plasma may occur emptiness.

In fast-growing tumors, cell mass increase speed ahead vascular ingrowth. The tumor is growing faster in the periphery, while in the center there is necrosis of the tumor mass, due to the tumor cells than in many cells found in a state of degeneration and necrosis.

Features of tumor cells explained rampant uncontrolled body during growth of the tumor mass associated with atypia times­cell multiplication, violation of a genetically programmed process of aging and death.

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