Modern aseptic offers a range of disinfectants in the care of the patient. a new generation of disinfectants lay­ki in the preparation and effective in the treatment of subjects and care facilities. These dezinfitsi­ruyuschie means no harmful effects on the patient.

Efforts table for preparation of working solutions and application of different concentrations of disinfectants for the treatment of medical supplies and patient care.

  • The room in which the tyazhelobol­Noah must be processed twice: in the morning, with at­Menenius sanitizing solution evening – using a 2 percent solution of soda. Afterprocessing hold ventilation of the room, before­preliminarily concealing patient.
  • Cloth, which cleaning is carried out morning should be soaked for a time corresponding to the selected disinfectant. Cloth, rinse under running water and dry. Ra­target pour.

care items placed in specially vyde­fief enamel bowl and pour one of the solutions proposed in the time-dependent
concentration of disinfectant. When the time to rinse items under the pro­exact water, dried and placed on BEDSIDE­hydrochloric nightstand in the patient’s room. The solution was poured.

  • Utensils for eating desirable dezinfitsi­Rowan by boiling a 2 percent soda solution for 15 minutes after boiling.
    Then rinse under running water and dried. Sideboard stands enameled container.
  • Linen, stained vomit, Feka­liyami, you must fill in the tank for a while, depending on the concentration dezinfitsi­ruyuschego means, then – washing and drying laundry.

Disinfectant of new generation facilities

Disinfectants “Virkon”, “Saint-bik” – it’s super funds have viruletsidnymi, bactericidal, fungicidal action. apply:

  • for disinfection of medical desig­cheniya of metal, rubber, glass, plastic;
  • for disinfection of premises;
  • for the treatment of hands of the surgeon and the operating honey­

Means “Septodor”It represents colorless­ny transparent liquid concentrate with a weak spe­Graphical odor. Shelf life of the concentrate when it isstored in closed manufacturer’s packaging structure­I wish to set up 5 years. The product has good detergentproperties, has no corrosive action.

Precautionary measures:

  1. Preparation of working solutions means “Septodor” and all work carried out with them in cramps of new gloves.
  2. Surface treatment may be carried out in the presence of the patient.
  3. For all work to avoid falling into the eye and the skin.
  4. When working with the need to observe good personal hygiene. Upon completion of work wash hands and face with soap and water.
  5. Means should be stored separately from the medical preparation­governmental agents in locations not accessible to children.


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