With long-term treatment of a patient Related­ki patient can not always take advantage of Uslu­Gami nurse clinics, “ambulance” or private health care providers.

The pain may be experienced by the patient at any time, require immediate facilitate­Nia. In this situation, the patient can helploved ones. This requires a medical consultation in the appointment of painkillers­GOVERNMENTAL means (this applies to dose the injection site).

You must use disposable luer syringe. To dial into the syringe nuzh­hydrochloric dose of the drug, it is necessary to know the “price” of syringe division, ie, how much of the solution may be between the near­Chimie cylinder divisions (division, and the numbers indicate the syringe capacity in milliliters and to­Lyakh milliliters). In order to determine the “price” of the division, should be to find a sub-cone closest to the number on the syringe barrel (to­lichestvo milliliters) and divide by the number of business­Nij on the cylinder (between this number and a sub-cone). This will be the “price” of syringe division. Together with the disposable syringe and needle are often packaged for injection. Syringe for single use produced in the assembled state. Selection of the syringe for injection depends primarily on the type and amount of injection administered medical preparation­own funds.

To prepare the syringe for injection must be Opening of the packages with the side where the piston is palpable (if opaque package). Needle, packed­Naya together with a syringe, is used both to set a medicament and to perform in­projections. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • Preparation method: the drug substance odnora­zovy syringe, a vial with alcohol, cotton wool;
  • Wash the hands;
  • check the date of sterilization indicated on the package, and sealing;
  • open (break) a packet with that side where the piston, and use its internal sterile surface during assembly of the syringe;
  • take the syringe (it is packed in the assembled state) and enter into the cannula needle;
  • fix cannula needle fingers, lapping it to a sub-cone (a needle cap);
  • check the patency of the needle, releasing the WHO­spirit of the syringe (keeping the syringe needle up vertically);
  • put the syringe assembled to the inner surface of the package.

A set of ampoules of solution (Figure 49.):

  • read the name of the drug, dosage, expiration date;
  • gently shake the vial to the entire solution was in its widest part;
  • nail file to file an ampoule;
  • process vial with a cotton bud moistened with alcohol (in case the needle touches the outer surface of the ampoule in the recruitment of drug­
    of funds);
  • break off the end of the ampoule;
  • take the right hand gun, left – to remove number­pachok the needle;
  • take the second and third fingers of the left hand vial was prepared with the drug substance;
  • keep the vial at chest level and gently introduce a needle;
  • syringe intercept the first, fourth, fifth fingers of the left hand;
  • dial the desired number of drug ve­exists (dialing solution, gradually raise the bottom ampoules);
  • Grab piston first and second fingers of the right hand;
  • let the air out of the syringe without removing the needle from the vial;
  • put into a syringe pack and two cotton balls,
    soaked 70-degree alcohol.

Due to the fact that the subcutaneous fat layer ho­Rosho equipped with blood vessels for more rapid action of the drug Prima­nyayutsya subcutaneous injection. Usually they make them to a depth of 15 mm needle with 20 mm length, cross section­of – 0.4 mm. Administered subcutaneously solutions – up to 3 ml of drugs that are quickly absorbed in the loose subcutaneous tissue and does not turn out to­vayut her harmful actions.

it is necessary during the subcutaneous injections of­run around the neighborhood of the large vessels and nerve GUSTs­fishing. The most convenient sites for injection are the outer surface of the shoulder region of the forearm or radiation, subscapular space ne-rednenaruzhnaya thighs, the side surface of the abdominal wall. In these areas the skin easily trapped in the fold and there is no danger of damageblood vessels, nerves and NADK­’s staircase.

Not recommended injections:

  • in places with edematous subcutaneous fatty tissue;
  • in place of the seals after the previous injection.

subcutaneous injection:

  • Wash the hands;
  • palpated place impending injection;
  • treat the injection site with a cotton swab successively two initially – a large area, then – directly to the injection site;

take the third ball soaked in alcohol, and under­to lay down under the fifth finger of the left hand;

  • take the right hand of the syringe (second finger pra­howl hand to hold the needle cannula, 5th finger syringe -porshen, 3 – 4th fingers holding cylinder
    bottom, first finger keeps the cylinder from above);
  • remove the cap from the needle with his left hand;
  • collect the left hand in the skin fold of a triangular shape, with the base downwards (see Fig..);
  • introduce the needle into rapid motion base of the triangle at an angle of 45 ° to a depth of 1 – 2 cm between the first and second fingers of the left hand.

Note: If the syringe has a small air bubble, the drug should be administered slowly and do not let all the solution under the skin, and leave a small amount together with air bubbles in the syringe.

  • move the left hand to the piston, the cylinder base 2 capture – third fingers (5th right thumb away from the piston);
  • press the first finger of his left hand on the far­shen;
  • enter the drug;
  • remove the first finger of his left hand with the piston.

Note: shift the syringe during injection with the right hand to the left – you can not!

  • press the left hand, a sterile cotton wool moistened­hydrochloric alcohol at the injection site;
  • remove the needle right hand while continuing to hold it for the cannula;
  • make a gentle massage of the injection site, not from­Nimai wool from the skin;
  • Put the needle on the syringe cap, throw in the dirt tank.

Intramuscular injection – most widespread­roubleshooting may be performed in the field ple­ca, thighs, buttocks.

Muscles have an extensive network of blood vessels, so the conditions for rapid and complete absorption of medication and receive treatment­matic effect in a short period Vreme­no.

For intramuscular injections are Luer syringes with needles thickness of 0.8 -. 1.5 mm and a length of 8-10 cm needle length depends on the stratum­us subcutaneous tissue layer, so how necessary­Mo, when administered to the needle passed, and the subcutaneous fat layer was thicker in the muscle. TSBs­dit intramuscularly from 5 to 10 ml medication­GOVERNMENTAL funds.

The most convenient place for intramuscular injection is the gluteal region, but, as there are large sciatic nerve and shelter­-bearing vessels, injection should produce roofing felt­to in verhnenaruzhnogo quadrant. quadrant defined­lyayut mentally dividing the buttock into 4 parts.

Set the drug from a vial:

  • cook disposable syringe, drugs­Noe means wool vial with 70-degree alcohol;
  • Wash the hands;
  • read the label on the bottle;
  • open the lid covering the rubber stopper;
  • wipe the rubber stopper 70 gradysnym Speer­Tom;
  • insert the needle at an angle of 90 ° in the rubber stopper of the bottle standing on the table (left hand holding the bottle, right hand by introducing the syringe needle into the
  • flip vial upside down;
  • pinch them 2-3 fingers of the left hand vial;
  • transfer I-IV-V fingers of the left hand on the syringe;
  • take the right hand of the syringe plunger;
  • dial in the right amount of medical preparation syringe­GOVERNMENTAL solution, pulling the plunger downward;
  • remove the needle from the vial;
  • bleed air from the syringe;
  • Change needle and put on the protection cap;
  • packed in a disposable syringe and three cotton balls soaked in 70-degree alcohol

Procedure for vnutrimy­antiplaque injection:

  • help the patient to take a comfortable position (on your stomach or on the side);
  • determine the location of injection;
  • palpated place impending injection;
  • Wash the hands;
  • treat the injection site two series cotton swab, first – a large area ofthe – directly injection site;
  • take the right hand syringe (fifth finger putneedle cannula, the second finger – the plunger 1-3-4-th fingers – in the syringe barrel), remove the protective cap from the needle;
  • stretch and secure the 1-2-th finger-le­howl hands skin at the injection site;
  • insert the needle into the muscle, leaving 2-3 mm of the needle from the skin;
  • remove the fifth finger of the right hand with a syringe plunger;
  • shift the left hand on the piston, taking 2-3 im finger syringe barrel, the first finger pressure on the plunger of the syringe;
  • enter the drug;
  • press the left hand, the skin at the injection site with a cotton ball soaked in 70-degree alcohol;
  • remove the needle right hand;
  • make a gentle massage of the injection site, not from­imaya wool from the skin.

Remember! Vial of oil solution before­preliminarily should be warmed in a water bath to a temperature of 38 ° C, and only then introduce les­a medicament.

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