Rekomendatsii nutrition for people with a colostomy

As with an ileostomy, it can be argued that the spe­Hoc diet for a patient with a colostomy is not su­exists. The ideal is to return after the operation to the usual diet and regime pita­Nia in steady regular emptying.

The possible development of constipation is topical­theme in an in patients with colostomy. Preference should be given such products: pshenich­Nome and rye bread, wholemeal Pomo­la, dough; soups with meat is saturated­Mr. broth with plenty of coarsely chopped vegetables (beets, cabbage, beans); dishes lean meat, fish, poultry; dishes and garni­frames made of flour, cereals, legumes and pasta; mushrooms; fresh fruits and vegetables in natural form or slaboprovarennom; milk (at endure­Bridge) and various milk products; not­strong tea or coffee with milk (cocoa excluded­chit); juices and mineral water cooled. Meals may be prepared in any form, salt is added to taste. The volume of consumption of the Jew­bone – at least 1.5 liters per day. It is recommended for­Nima eat at least 3 – 5 times a day, at one and the same time.

It must be remembered that the right food in the presence of an ostomy although not completely solve all problems, however, it is a prerequisite for conducting a full zhiz­no.

In addition to the diet for the regulation of the chair by a doctor can use some drugs that affect the function of the intestine. If constipation is possible with­Menen laxatives, but it is also necessary to coordinate with your doctor as to the pain­shinstvu of them comes highly addictive.

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