Samoobsledovanie breast

The best time for self-study – the first week after the end of menstruation. The mammary gland during this period is in most softened state.

Women in menopause, you must select BSE is one of the days! month, remember (and it is better to write down) the date of the survey and its results. It is convenient to examine the breasts, standing in front of a mirror.

Skills Training includes the following:

  • inspection of linen in contact with milk! glands. Slight discharge from the teat leave traces on the bra in patches of yellow, brown, reddish, or greenish colors watery;
  • Inspect the nipple. Pay attention to their shape and color. To see if they are extended, do not get wet whether, whether cracks or sores;
  • Inspect the skin of the breast: for redness entire surface or selected areas, rashes, diaper rash, “lemon peel” skin. It is necessary to determine whether there is bulging, retracted, ulcerated and shriveled breast track. Attention is drawn to the shape and size of breast (whether increase or decrease in size, surface roughness) on the symmetry (one if they raised the level of­toil at the institution hands behind his head, whether to fix one of them, to tighten up and b side). Inspect the gland when turning right and Nala­in.


Feeling (samopalpatsiyu) is carried out three or four pads serried fingers (in dependenceing on the size of the breast), standing before the mirror methodically penetrating circular movements. Beginning with the probing of surface. This makes it possible to identify formations located directly under the skin. Then comes a deep probing] fingertips when moving in a circle gradually reach the surface of the ribs.


A woman is on a bed in a supine position. If the surface is soft, under the right shoulder blade puts a firm pillow or cushion of towels (Figure 6). Right arm extended along the body, the left hand is carried out probing­of the right breast. Then, the position of­menit palpation for the left breast.

Samopalpatsiya squares method.

Mentally entire surface of the anterior chest wall­ki from the collarbone to the costal margin and the right breast is divided into squares. Palpated consistently each square, down from top to bottom as if the stairs, do not forget to test the armpit and nipple.

Samopalpatsiya spiral method.

Probing the anterior chest wall lactic­hydrochloric gland being spirally concentric circles converging starting from the armpit (the right arm is placed under the head) to the nipple, without missing any portion of the breast.

When samopalpatsii breast say what they feel and remember those feelings. Because breasts are lobed Straw­ix, under your fingers will feel a certain graininess or tyazhistost, but it is not at­signs of the disease.

When samopalpatsii, as mentioned, be sure examined axillary region where the possibility but swollen lymph glands. front piles­Naya wall is palpable breast due to the possible presence of additional lobes, in which the same changes may occur, as in the mammary glands.

It is necessary to test the nipple and about podsoskovuyu­domain, as under the nipple may occur OPU­Chol. Most tumor is detected in that quarter of the breast, which is located above and outside.

Survey complete, carefully taking pain­PWM index fingers nipple and pressed on it – so check that there are no selections, and if any say characterized­ter selections.

The procedure is repeated and carried out his right hand for the left breast. Then examine both mo­mammary gland described­hydrochloric procedure in position standing. Better to do it in the shower, lathered obsl­when the wind blows area. Skills Training for menstruating women must be conducted in the first week after the windows­Chania menstruation. For women in menopause – in fixed­Bathing day of the month.

Samopalpatsii main goal – to get proof­of the nonexistence of the disease. In the presence of pack­lotneny in the mammary gland is necessary to pay­Xia to the expert.

Condition after mastoektomii

Thanks to the progress made in the last decade in the treatment and early diagnosis of breast cancer, thousands of women live after the operation for more than 5 years. Statistics in oncology abroad highlights the five-year survival rate when the most likely to relapse. The woman lived­Shaya more than 5 years, it is considered cured.

Unfortunately, diagnosis and treatment of it awareness­NVIRONMENTAL of breast accompanied by high levels of suffering women. after SET­Lenia diagnosis develop severe psychological stress, most of the women in a state of duality. On the one hand, the need to pass through a difficult treatment, transfer crippling operation (removal of the breast), but remain­Xia live, despite the consequences for work and family life; on the other – it is impossible to reconcile with the operation, makes you a “monster.” Sometimes this leads to the disintegration of the family, if the husband or loved one is not as strong in spirit, and dealt with a difficult situation in life at a time when women are especially needed their love and support.

After surgery and other treatments at home, a woman with a “sick” and hand stitch on breast place, poor, deprived of the opportunity to perform many household chores, overtaking­a second psychological shock, depriving as it seems to be no hope of a return to the pre­bo ttom life. Oncologists call this situation psi­hologicheskim collapse since transferred mastoektomiya “knocks out” the majority of women from social habitual and social environment and ve­children to major changes in their mentality and way life. This crisis requires a change­Nia position in life, a woman revising itsof attitude to the world, words and deeds relatives and acquaintances.

Help a woman cope with these difficulties – the main task of doctors, friends, family, colleagues, because in this period the further life of the women in the family and society. Oncologists believe that the climate in the family depends on the attitude of the patient to their slaughtering­Levan: the smaller woman dramatizes situa­tion, the more likely it is to get support from his family. First it is necessary to analyze their old life and try to identify the factors to­torye contributed to the emergence of her cancer slaughtering­Levan and, if possible, eliminate them.

After surgery, the body having anatomical and physiological disorders that may instill­STI to partial disability. The question arises: how to live, to live for a long time, have a happy family, to work actively?

So, what should be done to avoid re­tsidiva diseases to boost the body’s defenses, to feel good, to work on the floor­hydrochloric power to enjoy life?

To do this:

  • change the mode of the day;
  • Change the diet;
  • lose weight and stabilize it;
  • engage in physical therapy;
  • learn how to make the physical and psycho-emotional overload;
  • take care of their appearance;
  • do what he likes; h “to undergo regular medical examination.

To restore physical strength, strengthen the nervous system is necessary:

  • sleep for 7 – 8 hours with an open window or pane;
  • before bedtime take a warm shower, directing a jet of water in the first place on the sore spots;
  • the patient’s hand in bed to lay on the pillow, the hand located on a hill (this is the norm­lizuet lymph circulation and its outflow);

sleeping on your back or on the side opposite to the operated side to their weight in the BPE­sleep on me not to squeeze the hand vessels by about­operated seats;

in the event of pain simple­Lebanon nature in operation, your hands, nadplechevoy area should see a doctor (it can be a symptom of bronhopleksita – Sun­Singe brachial plexus);

  • Do not lift or carry heavy weights, if possible, not to overtax his hand. When the load increases, the muscles need more oxygen, which increases blood flow to the hand and the already congested venous blood and lymph in the BPE­mja like outflow therefrom is difficult;
  • It is recommended to limit the load on the hand from the operation – up to one kg for one year, up to two kg for four years and up to 3 – 4 kg for a lifetime. Better to wear a bag on the Tribes­Th good hand;
  • Avoid any work related to the long inclined position with his hands down. Such restrictions are necessary to obstacles­Vat stagnation of lymph in the lymphatic vessels of the hands;
  • After the physical work required to do exercises, self-massage of the hands (by stroking fingers to armpit), giving it an elevated position at an angle of 10 ° – 15 °.
  • when working near her house, laundry, washing dishes, especially with the use of strong detergents, it is recommended to use protective gloves;
  • sewing with thimble;
  • Avoid mosquito bites, bee by using insect repellent for protection;
  • Do not give injections, take blood for analysis to measure arterial PRESSURE­of the arm from the operation;
  • Do not expose the clamping arm: eliminate the tight cuffs on a blouse and a nightgown, monitor, clothes to armhole were too narrow bra straps should not crash into the Tribes­cho. Rings, bracelets and watches should be kept on hand, free, without the girth;
  • Avoid burns while cooking, to prevent sunburn. Summer wear shlya­pu, long-sleeved clothing (to protect from the sun);
  • Do not use hot water when washing MSRP­dy, taking a bath. Contraindicated in sauna, steam bath, and washing in the bathroom shower is recommended to replace;
  • Protect the arm from the operation of the on­cuts, burns, abrasions, cracks, scratches, caused­GOVERNMENTAL animals and plants. these precautions­STIs are important for the prevention of erysipelas are inflamed­Nia. Erysipelas leads to increased swelling and hands;
  • when receiving the injury must be rinsed with running water and wound doubly treat antiseptic solution (iodine, 0.01% chlorhexidine bigluconate 70-degree alcohol solution). If the arm at the site of injury flushed, there was a pain at­towered body temperature, increased swelling of the hands, you need to see a doctor;
  • After work, remove the bra with a prosthesis, to relax your body, put on its­Bodnya cotton clothing;
  • protect the area of ​​the second operation, the healthy hand in the transport market, in crowded places.

In the recovery period (7-8 days after surgery) recommended set of therapeutic exercises to restore maxi­mal range of motion in the hand operated with­Noah side, maintain the correct posture, coordinate­ordination of movements, complete respiration, normalization of the general condition. Exercise better vypol­nyat twice a day – morning and mid-afternoon. Very effective for the recovery of motor Fung­ktsii hands with the operated side sessions in the pool. They can start in 2-3 months after surgery.

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