Simptomy stomach cancer


  • Pain, often dull, localized in the upper otde­crystals of the stomach and is not related to meals.
  • Swelling and heaviness in the stomach, arising after a meal, there is belching air, and later – and the food.
  • Vomiting of food eaten the night before, there is the narrowing of the output of the stomach tumor. Vomiting brings relief. If the tumor constricts the entrance to the stomach, disturbed permeability to solid alloy­Doi, and then for the liquid food.
  • stomach bleeding – vomiting as coffee grounds or tarry stools appearance.
  • pallor of the skin develops gradually, sometimes accompanied by tachycardia (increased heart rate), reduced blood pressure, headache, increased abdominal volume due to fluid accumulation. increased lymph­cal nodes left supraclavicular painless or seal in the area of ​​the navel.

Symptoms of colon cancer are not CCA­-singular differences from chronic or inflammatory diseases. On their existing manifestations bo­existing illness for a long time people prefer not to pay attention, which leads to the identification of a tumor in the later stages.

Colon cancer is accompanied sledujushchi­E symptoms:

  • loss of appetite, nausea, belching, feeling of heaviness and swelling in the epigastric region;
  • constipation, leading to bloating, rumbling­NIJ and resolution of diarrhea – the release of pain­shogo amounts of liquid malodorous mass then occurs again constipation. The tumor can cause for­Derzhko feces and gases and can cause acute or chronic intestinal obstruction;
  • Strong pain, paroxysmal in the left polo­wine belly, sometimes take the spilled nature of without a clear localization. If there is no obstruction, pain localized in the right half of the abdomen, are characterized by dull and aching;
  • pale skin, increasing weakness, Ned­Hassium, increased body temperature. In rare SLU­teas tumor can be detected during the inspection or palpation of the abdomen, even in the absence of any manifestations.


  • constipation; stool after constipation are evil­vonny smell, semi-liquid consistency. Sometimes there is a violation of the form of fecal column – “tape-like feces,” “sheep feces”;
  • feeling of incomplete evacuation, false desires on a chair;
  • stool may be mixed with mucus, pus, mucus sometimes only released when the urge. With the development of inflammation in the wall of quiche­ki, diarrhea may occur;
  • allocation of unmodified blood at the act of DEF­katsii. Blood can be allocated to fecal masses located on their surface in the form of strips or be mixed with them. Severe bleeding almost never occur;
  • Pain dull, aching, may be given in the sacrum or tailbone. When tumors arising in the sa­Mykh the lower regions of the rectum, pain arising­an early and is pretty intense. In cancer of the colon department can be observed an increase in the inguinal lymph nodes.

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