Smena nightgown in critically ill

Disguised as the patient can read Obra­way:

  • Prepare a clean nightgown;
  • Ask the patient to bend your knees to lift the pelvis;
  • roll up the shirt to the waist;
  • Ask the patient to lower pelvis and flatten: the legs;
  • lift the upper half of the body pas tsientki;
  • Carefully roll up the dirty shirt to zatyl­ka and lift it over his head;
  • free from the hands of the patient’s shirt.

Pure nightgown put in reverse by­row.

For seriously ill to care easier if the floor­Nost exposed as bad smoothed clothes on the patient, tight armhole style nightgown, folds in bedding, humidity Postelno­of laundry when sweating, incontinence is the cause of skin chafing and pressure sores.

Signs of diaper rash: Skin redness, thereof:­Nost, pain in the axillary WPA­Din, women – under the breasts, in the domain­STI inguinal folds.

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