Uhod behind the ears

The external auditory canal is allocated des­tovato-brown mass – sulfur, which can form a cluster of cerumen and cause tinnitus, hearing loss. these to­additionally symptoms may seriously disturb­patient.

Caring for healthy ears require regular cleaning of the ear and ear about the­running warm water and soap. In no event should not clean the outer ear canal acute­E items that can damage the drum­hydrochloric membrane or wall of the auditory meatus. If the plug of earwax has accumulated, it is removed under observation­deniem doctor.

nail clippers

the patient’s nails require careful ezhenedel­Foot care. Since the nails become stiffer with age, it is necessary before shearing them dipped in a container of warm water and liquid soap.

For this manipulation necessary to prepare: a container of warm water (temperature 36-37 ° C), liquid soaps, scissors, plastic bag for waste material, hand towels, and foot napkin for hands and feet for the napkin, a nail file, oil cloth, pi­tatelny cream, nail clippers. First – nail clippers on hand: • Put an to the patient’s bedside chair; • to put all the items necessary to ma­nipulyatsii;

  • sit comfortably patient (if the patient mo­Jet sit);
  • lay on his lap oilcloth;
  • put on an oilcloth container of water (if PA­cient can not sit, lay down the oilcloth under the right hand, next to put a bowl of water);
  • pour into water soap;
  • Lower the tank, first the right hand 3 – 4 minutes;
  • Remove the brush over time;
  • dry brush cloth;
  • cut the nails gently carefully from the 1st to 5th finger over the towel, leaving protruding 1 – 2 ml of the nail;
  • lower in the capacity of the patient left hand for 3-4 minutes and cut the nails in the same follower­obtained;
  • Treat the patient nail file nails on both hands;
  • Apply a nourishing cream rubbing motion­zheniyami of nail phalanges to the forearm.

Mowing toenails:

  • Seat the patient on the bed, tucked under sleep­
    Well, extra pillows;
  • Lower the foot of the bed;
  • put the feet in a bowl of warm water (if the patient can not sit – bend his legs in the stake­nyah, by laying a rubber sheet stack, to place her pelvis with warm water, temperature – 36-37 ° C);
  • pour into water soap and lower foot of the patient in a container for 5 minutes;
  • remove the patient from the foot of water;
  • dry with her napkin;
  • Place on a towel for the feet;
  • Place the other foot in a bowl of water;
  • shorten the nail clippers;
  • Treat your nails nail file;
  • Treat your nails on the second leg, repeating dei­Corollary defined above;
  • Apply rubbing movement nourishing cream for the feet of the nail phalanxes to golenos­topnogo joint;
  • pour water;
  • rinse the container;
  • Place the napkin and towel in polyethylene­vy package;
  • Wash with soap and scissors, nail file, schipchi­ki;
  • Wash and dry your hands.

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