Uhod facial skin

Unshaven patient looks pretty messy and feels uncomfortable at the same time. It affects not only men but also women, who in old age begins active growth of hair in the area of ​​the upper lip and chin.

This problem is easily solved with an electric razor or shaving learn the technique of safe Brit­howl.

Prepare: a water tank; napkin for com­press; towel; safety razor; for brie cream­tya; shaving brush; oilcloth; cloth; lotion. Note: check the patient’s face – there are no moles on his face, because their damage is very dangerous for the life of the patient.

Aftershave lotion is better to use, contains­zhaschy alcohol, an antiseptic, warning is­rezhdayuschy fester in violation of skin integrity. Shaving comprises the following steps:

  • help the patient to take the position of “semi­sitting “(back sheet under additional perfume­s);
  • Cover the patient’s chest and a napkin oilcloth;
  • Prepare a container of water (40 – 45 ° C);
  • Wet a large cloth in water;
  • press cloth and put it on the face Paci­cient (cheeks and chin) for 5 – 10 minutes;

Note: in preparing women for brie­Tew, a napkin put on the face is not necessary.

  • whisk brush shaving cream;
  • Apply it evenly on the face of slit­Cams and chin (woman moisten your face with warm water in the areas of hair growth without using cream);
  • shave the patient by pulling the skin in the direction­SRI opposite to the movement of the machine in the following­boiling sequence cheek beneath the lower lip, the neck region under the chin;
  • wipe the face after shaving with a damp cloth;
  • dry with a clean cloth, soft promo­tive movements;
  • Wipe the patient’s face lotion (woman after lotion, apply on the skin nourishing cream);
  • remove the razor, towel, a bowl of water;
  • Wash and dry your hands.

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