Uhod for false dentures


  • prepare: towels, rubber gloves, the capacity to collect wash water for a cup of about­tezov, toothpaste, toothbrush, lip cream, gauze, a glass of water;
  • explain to the patient the course of the upcoming Strain­ry;
  • ask the patient to turn the head to one side;
  • deploy a towel covering their breasts Paci­cient to the chin;
  • wash hands, wear gloves;
  • put the tank for collecting washing water under the patient’s chin on a detailed paintings­tse;
  • ask the patient to hold the container by hand, with the other hand to take a glass of water, to collect a mouthful of water and rinse;
  • Ask the patient to remove the dentures and­to lay down them in a special cup.

If the patient can not remove their own dentures, then:

  • grab the thumb and forefinger of the right hand using the denture napkins;
  • Remove denture oscillatory movements;
  • Put them in a bowl for dental prostheses;
  • ask the patient to rinse the mouth with water;
  • Place a cup with the dentures in Rako­guilt;
  • the tap, to adjust the water temperature;
  • brush and toothpaste all the denture surface;
  • rinse dentures and cup under cold running water;
  • put the dentures in a cup for storing­Nia at night or help the patient back on­put them;
  • Remove the gloves, throw them in a plastic package;
  • Wash the hands.

Note: unless the patient wears dentures, prosthesis can be left in a cup and pour water into it, so that the water covered the prosthesis.

Care cavity, an unconscious patient’s mouth :

  • prepare: rubber gloves, a glass with a solution for rinsing the gauze, soft toothbrush, petroleum jelly, 2 towels, a tank for collecting washing water, a plastic bag, adhesive tape, scissors, wooden spatula, a cup, a laundry bag, a bottle of 0.02 -percent­furatsilina a saline solution;
  • Wash the hands;
  • wound on wooden spatula and a napkin fix it with a plaster;
  • a pour cup antiseptic solution for the oral;
  • place the patient on his side so that his face It was on the edge of the cushion;
  • expand the towel;
  • spread a towel under the head of the patient, baa­-bank holding his head;
  • deploy a second towel and cover their patient’s chest;
  • put the tank for collecting washing water under the patient’s chin;
  • rubber gloves;
  • Open the patient’s mouth, gently, without applying * ‘ forces enter between the upper and lower teeth 1, 2, 3 fingers of one hand and gently push these fingers on the upper and lower teeth;
  • put between the teeth prepared dere­vyanny spatula to mouth remained open;
  • wound on the index finger and wipe, holding his thumb, moisten 0.02-propercentage furatsilina solution or 2 percent pa­alignment of sodium hydrogencarbonate;
  • handle: the sky, the inner surface of the cheeks, teeth, gums, tongue, lips.

Note: change the towels as pollution­Nia slime, sticky saliva. The sequence of actions is as follows:

–  throw used tissues in polyethylen­Lenovo package;

  • clean the teeth without toothpaste using a soft brush;
  • smear Vaseline lip (do not let the appearance of cracks on the lips due to severe dryness);

–  clean towel, taking off the gloves;

–  turn the patient on his back;

–          Wash the hands.

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