UHOD for patients with a stoma INTESTINE

When intestinal tumors when allocation of IP­EXERCISE through the rectum is not possible, in the or other intestine make an artificial opening. Ileostomy – an opening in the area under­vzdoshnoy intestine. During surgery – ileostomy- the end of a healthy ileum is displayed on the surface of the abdomen and fixed there with forms­tion of new holes for removal’s contents­direct intestine. Usually, it is placed in the right lower abdomen.

Colostomy – a hole in the ascendant about­zling or sigmoid colon. gut hemming­added to the opening in the abdominal wall and form a height­Tupa mucosa in the form of “roses”. On this artificially created back proho­du, and depart stool. Thus pischevari­tion path as well as dri ileostomy, continues to operate normally.

It is important to properly care for the skin around the ka­lovogo fistula to prevent maceration. when the correct­Mr. avoiding the patient does not have an unpleasant smell, ca.­Rouge fistula skin is not irritated.

Discharge from the intestine is most convenient to collect in spe­cially disposable colostomy bags and mnogora­zovogo use. It is important to define the mode of the GRO­bowel rozhneniya since isolation masses are periodically come about in large chunks, usually – postprandial.

Well selected Colostomy bags protects the skin, it placed a bowel movement, it corresponds to the curves of the body, allowing interference-free to bend, do not miss the smell.

The frequency shift is dependent on the type of stoma bags, used by the patient. For example, one component adizivny Colostomy bags should be changed, coh­but the content level reaches half or when the patient begins to feel discomfort from the pouch. Colostomy bags should not be changed without a real ‘need, as this can cause irritation and damage to the skin.

When using the two-component system ,; Clay plate allowed to stand for 3 – 4 days. Kalopriemnik easier to change in the bathroom. one­to learn to change Colostomy bags in toilet Paci­entu is also necessary, as it is most welcome­lemoe place outside the home. All necessary for the care of stoma items should be stored together in a container with a lid and ready for use. To replace the stoma bags should:

  • Net Colostomy bags of the appropriate typeand size;
  • measurement (stencil) to check – whether the stoma size has changed (Merck gives sister at discharge Hospital);
  • Additional materials, which benefit­etsya patient: pasta “Stomageziv ‘, deodorant, etc .;
  • paper towels, napkins, soft sponge, soap, scissors, adhesive tape;
  • paper bag, plastic bag or newspaper for used stoma bags;
  • Cooper scissors (one end is rounded, the other sharp);
  • a small mirror.

It is desirable to have a second set of the same, but in a smaller volume and number of components, koto­ing can take with you and wear a small sum­ke (leaving home).

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