Uhod skin

Chronic lymphedema skin becomes dry and discolored. Microcracks skin spo­Property ingress of bacteria into the ideal for their breeding environment – fixed lymph. Accuracy and compliance with the rules of hygiene can reduce the risk of infection:

  • Wash, dry (blotting motion­niyami) swollen limbs, the area between the thumb­E and the folds of skin (to prevent fungus­postglacial infections);

“Lubricate the skin washed limbs softening cream – to moisturize the skin and prevent the appearance of cracks (Remember: the cracks – the entrance gate for infection!).

* Apply a cream, water-based (ointment as emulsions). It is not recommended to use creams

and lotions containing lanolin (warning contact dermatitis), perfumed creams and lotions that cause irritation;

  • Wear gloves when working at home or at­manor portion;
  • Use a thimble when sewing;
  • Take care when trimming nails;
  • to protect the skin on the affected limb from sunburn;
  • Use an electric razor when shaving hair in the armpit;
  • Protect the edematous arm of injection, blood sampling for analysis of pressure measurement;
  • treating cuts and abrasions antiseptiche­medication available in a timely manner.

If the skin on the edematous limbs reddened, appeared burning, soreness, a local increase in temperature, swelling, should like to see a doctor as soon as possible. In this case, the prescribed antibiotics, rest, elevated polo­voltage for swollen limbs (pillow under the arm or leg). Unfortunately, cases of acute inflammation ^ is the inevitable consequence of chronic congestive lymphedema.

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