Kompleks exercise after mastectomy

Exercises to restore the upper hand movements­her limbs on the operated side pain­nym need to start doing more in the hospital.

At home, they continue to class, to restore full mobility of his hands. Here are the exercises taken from the prospectus published by the Association­s on problems and breast cancer mastekto­Mia (USA).

Exercises for shoulder and arm

  • Hair Bicombing.

Place the elbow on the edge of the bedside tumboch­ki. Keep your head straight. Start with brushing­Niya one half of the head, then gradually ne­Passing to another. Do not overload, but be persistent.

  • Clenching and unclamping hands Use a rubber ball or other object (Fig. 9).
  • Swing and rotate the hand.

Put a good hand on the back of a chair and OPU­Stith on her head (forehead). Let other hand freedoms­but hangs down, shake it from side to side and forward and backward, make small circles of rotation. As soon as the voltage in the hand Decrease the­erably, increase range of motion and dia­meter circles. Do the exercises before gaining full mobility.

  • «To lock the bra.” really­wee hand in hand, then dip the brush and predple­whose leaving the shoulders at the same level, then slowly crank arms behind his back to the level of the bust­galtera.

“Sliding on the wall.

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, so as not to sweat­ryat balance. Stand close to the wall and they believed­nites to face her. Start with a situation in which hands are at shoulder level, and gradually re­burghers hands up the wall. Again lower your arms to shoulder height, sliding along the wall. Exercise several times a day, every day notes­those achieved level and “jobs” for the next day.

  • Exercise with a cosmetic bag.

For a small purse or other likeness­ny thing. The right arm – near the right shoulder, left – behind. Slung handbag (kos­metichku) from his right hand to the left. Repeat pack­razhnenie 5 times, then change hands.

With the help of a towel or other like before­meta make light movements simulating wiping back. Repeat the exercise with the other hand.

Within a few days or weeks it may be some post-operative discomfort, but all the same and it will pass. For example, marked tingling, sensation of constriction in the rumen or a mouse, may increase sensitivity.

If redness appears in the area of ​​the scar or burning sensation, it is necessary to notify the doctor. There are discomfort and stiffness in the shoulder­Vågå joint, especially if removed axillary lymph nodes. Common operations, such ascombing the hair with this hand every day,­Mogan overcome such feelings. The patient should try to use the hand as usual­but, but avoid heavy housework and raised­ment weights of at least the first 6 weeks after surgery.

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