Cytostatic Therapy

The effect of cytostatic therapy on microcirculation in patients with CLL was studied. Currently, in patients with a progressive course of CLL, in the absence of severe concomitant pathology and autoimmune complications, the treatment of choice are protocols containing fludarabine (monotherapy with fludarabine or its combination with cyclophosphamide, rituximab, mitoxantrone). The use of these protocols allows in most cases to achieve complete or partial remission of the disease. One of the criteria for complete remission is a reduction in the number of lymphocytes <4.0 × 10 9 / l, partial remission , a reduction by 50% in the number of lymphocytes of peripheral blood . In patients with groups II and III treated according to these protocols, after the normalization of the number of leukocytes, endobronchial LDF was repeated. All of them showed a significant improvement in the PM indicators, but in no case did the PM indicators completely normalize. An improvement (but not normalization) of the oscillation amplitudes in the respiratory and cardiac ranges was noted .

The persistence of endobronchial microhemocirculation disorders in patients with CLL, after achieving complete remission, is explained by the etiology of factors affecting the microcirculation indices. In addition to leukocytosis and anemia, abnormalities of platelet and plasma hemostasis, the state of the endothelium of the vessels, regulation of tissue vascular tone, pH and pO 2 , hormonal function and many other factors affect the reduction of microhemocirculation parameters .

Chlorambucil therapy, at present, is regarded only as a palliative treatment and is used in cases of a calm course of B-CLL in elderly patients with an adverse somatic status. In case of chlorambucil therapy, complete remission of CLL was not achieved in any case, leukocytosis was preserved. In patients treated with this drug, there was no significant improvement in microhemocirculation indices.

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