Diffuse endobronchitis

All patients who underwent diffuse endobronchitis during PBS underwent therapeutic measures: active aspiration of the bronchial contents, selective / partial lavage with dioxidine solution, local administration of antibiotics, etc. Two to three weeks after the start of treatment, endobronchial LDF was re-performed in these patients. Changes in the microcirculatory blood flow in the mucous membrane of the proximal bronchi in CLL patients, after normalization of the bronchoscopic picture, were preserved, which is explained by the morphological changes in the microvasculature vessels in CLL patients.

Disruption of microhemocirculation leads to the development of tissue hypoxia, metabolic disturbances in the mucous membrane cells of the bronchi and, along with marked secondary immunodeficiency, contribute to the occurrence of the inflammatory process in the bronchi. Violation of microhemocirculation supports the inflammatory reaction in the bronchi, contributes to its recurrent course, the development of disturbances in gas exchange and the ineffectiveness of antibacterial therapy. In 60% of patients with a progressive course of CLL (40% of the total number of patients with CLL), with PBS, an inflammatory process in the bronchi has been diagnosed with no pronounced clinical manifestations. However, the presence of a chronic focus of infection may contribute to the development of pneumonia in patients with a progressive course of CLL. Considering the above, patients with a progressive course of CLL,in the absence of contraindications, diagnostic bronchoscopy is recommended, and in the presence of an inflammatory process in the bronchi, the appointment of therapeutic measures.

The presence of the inflammatory process in the bronchi, along with their leukemic infiltration, contributes to an increase in bronchial resistance in patients with CLL group III.

Violation of microhemocirculation indices is registered earlier than the clinical manifestations of the bronchopulmonary system lesions appear. Thus, the study of endobronchial microcirculation can help predict the occurrence of inflammatory diseases of the bronchopulmonary system in patients with CLL.

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