Definition of pulmonary emphysema in patients

The quantitative determination of pulmonary emphysema in CLL patients is an important method of X-ray functional study, since many functional disorders of the bronchopulmonary system are associated with emphysematous transformation of the lung tissue in these patients, and CT scan is one of the most reliable methods for in vivo diagnosis of emphysema.

Summarizing what has been said, the following conclusion can be made:

1. A comprehensive X-ray examination of the organs of the thoracic cavity using ERTG and CT significantly improves the diagnosis of bronchopulmonary pathology in patients with CLL.

2. X-ray differential diagnosis between inflammatory and specific leukemic infiltrates in the lungs in CLL patients is significantly complicated. However, in the overwhelming majority of cases , X-ray studies reveal inflammatory infiltrates. Lymphoid infiltration in the lungs in CLL rarely reaches a size that can be detected radiographically.

3. CT scan is the best method of registering compression syndrome in the chest cavity in CLL patients in the stage of malignant transformation.

4. When using the method of quantitative evaluation of radiological data at CT in patients with CLL as the tumor progression revealed an increase in the percentage of emphysematous tissue.

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