Uhod crotch women


  • help the patient with­bend your knees and place them;
  • oilcloth lay on the bed, on top – salfet­ku;
  • wear terry ru­kavichku, lather it;
  • soap pubis;
  • rinse the pubis;
  • rinse mitten;
  • push the labia and wash one of lovuyu lip, then the other party about the gloves­second wash sexual lip (gloves movement in the direction from the pubis to the anus;
  • rinse mitten in the water tank;
  • push the labia and wash the area between the labia, perineum, in the direction­apart from the pubis to the anus;
  • rinse the pubis, labia, perineum


  • Wipe dry pubis, labia, Intermedia­NOSTA patient in the same sequence;
  • Wash, rinse and dry anal area­The leg openings in the direction away from the genitals to the anus;
  • remove the oil cloth and napkins;
  • washed terry mitten, pour the water;
  • rinse the container, remove the rubber gloves, wash your hands.

Care crotch men

Preparations for the care is the same as in women: • to take with one hand the penis, pull the foreskin, wash the glans penis in a circular motion in soapy mitten-I on board from the urethra to the peri-­ferii;

  • rinse soap with gloves, rinse it; • rinse and dry with a wet towel to individual head of the penis in the samesequence;
  • return the foreskin in natural position; • Wash, rinse and dry the restareas of the penis toward the pubis;
  • help the patient to bend your knees and times­
    move them;
  • Wash, rinse and blot dry skin
  • help the patient to turn to one side, his back to you;
  • Wash, rinse and wiped dry oblastanalnogo holes;
  • remove the oil cloth and napkins;
  • wash terry mitten;
    pour water and rinsing tank;
  • remove gloves, wash your hands.

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