Myte head seriously ill in bed

This can be done as follows:

  • to prepare a container of water (temperature
    36 – 37 ° C), oil cloth, cloth, rubber glove,
    terry mitten, 2 bath towels, pus­
    thuja container, shampoo, pitcher;
  • remove the pillow;
  • rubber gloves;
  • put in the headboard chair, it is an empty water container;
  • put a container of water on the bedside tum­barrel;
  • podstelit under the head and shoulders of the patient adhesive­enku;
  • lower end of the oilcloth in the empty container, one hundred­
    yaschuyu on a chair;
  • put around the head, on the edge of the oilcloth, Sverre­towel-mentioned roll;
  • put on the patient’s eye terry cloths
  • stand in chairs with the container with water;
  • Fill the jug and moisten the hair of the patient;
  • apply a little shampoo and both hands you­wash your hair, gently massaging the scalp;
  • Pour into a pitcher of water and rinse the shampoo;
  • deploy a clean towel, gently lift the patient’s head and wipe dry with a hair;
  • remove the tank, oil cloth, wet towel;
  • Change (if necessary) soaked in the BPE­mja shampooing the lower sheet;
  • comb the hair of the patient;
  • Remove gloves and wash your hands.

As pollution bed or after the patient in bed washing and soaking the bottom simply no need to change it. Sheets and pillowcases on the bed seriously ill should not have c-singular seams, hems, the buckles on the side, drawn to Noah to the patient.

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