Smena bedding seriously ill

Change bed linens we can seriously ill­but in two ways. Better to do it together. The first method is used in the event that the PA­cient can turn in bed:

  • roll clean sheet in length up to half;
  • lift the patient’s head and remove the pillow;
  • change the pillowcase on the pillow;
  • move the patient to the edge of the bed, turning his face to one side to myself (it is desirable to help Nick was holding the patient);
  • roll dirty sheet over the entire length in the direction of the patient;
  • Spread a clean sheet in the liberated­Xia part of the bed;
  • Turn the patient on his back, then on the other side so that he was on a clean sheet;
  • remove the dirty sheet and fold the net, tuck the edges of the sheets under the mattress;
  • raise the head and shoulders of the patient, and put a pillow.

The second way to change the bed linen Prima­nyaetsya with complete immobility of the patient:

  • roll a clean sheet in the transverse direction­lenii;
  • gently lift the upper torso portion of the patient, remove the pad (it is desirable that­to assistant I was holding the patient);
  • roll dirty sheet from izgolo­Vias bed to the patient’s waist, put on a clean sheet of the vacant bed;
  • Put a pillow on a clean sheet and opus­Titus at her patient’s head;
  • Ask the patient to bend your knees, operators­retsya feet on the bed and lift the pelvis (if the patient make it difficult to enclose the assistant left hand under the sacrum of the patient and help him lift the pelvis);
  • Slide the dirty sheet, proceed as follows to spread the net;
  • Ask the patient to lower the pelvis;
  • lift and hold the legs of the patient in the area of ​​the lower leg, continuing to move the dirty sheets and spread the net;
  • Lower the patient’s leg;
  • tuck the edges under the mattress sheet.

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