Palliativnaya care for seriously ill patients. Oral Care, teeth and dentures

In critically ill patients in the mucosa of the mouth, plaque appears on the teeth, which with­worth of mucus thickened epithelial cells, pour­gayuschihsya and decaying food debris, bacteria. This contributes to oral Sun­and putrefaction-inflammatory, accompanied­yuschihsya unpleasant odor. Associated with this discomfort leads to a decrease in appetite, ability­sheniyu amount of fluid intake, deterio­general health sheniyu.

When the patient helplessness oral care is:

  • a mouth rinse after each meal, after each bout of vomiting;
  • cleaning of the teeth (dentures) in the morning and the Chamber­rum;
  • in cleansing between the teeth 1 time
    day (preferably in the evening).

Dentifrice is better to use a soft toothbrush without injuring the gums. Concluding oral care, be sure to clean the brush tongue, removing his plaque.

If the patient is unconscious consisting­SRI, he is not only unable to brush your teeth, but swallow the saliva, open and close the mouth. In these patients, oral care must be impl­stvlyat every 2 hours during the day and at night.

Cleaning the teeth of the patient (the patient is conscious) (Figure 31.):

  • prepare: rubber gloves, glass in­Doi, toothpaste, soft toothbrush, petrolatum, towel, container for collection of wash water, IU­shock garbage;
  • explain to the patient the course of the upcoming Strain­ry;
  • help the patient to turn the head to one side;
  • Put a towel on the patient’s chest;
  • wash hands, wear gloves;
  • put on a towel under his chin Paci­cient, container for collecting the washing water;
  • ask the patient to hold the container ru­Coy, dial a mouthful of water and rinse your mouth;
  • moisten the toothbrush with water and apply it
  • clean the upper teeth of the patient, conventionally times­Dividing all the teeth on the upper and lower jaws to 4 segments (better to start brushing teeth with the upper jaw);
  • place the toothbrush on the buccal surface­STI row of teeth, at an angle of approximately 45 °;
  • «sweeps» movement downward sag­ti for each segment at least 10 times;
  • clean the chewing surfaces of the upper
  • position the brush perpendicular to the top teeth, clean them palatal surface cautious­GOVERNMENTAL, “sweeps” movements downwards (all 4 segments);
  • clean similarly lower teeth (buccal muscle and chewing surface), and then – The patient’s tongue;
  • help the patient to rinse the mouth with water;
    • lubricate the lips with Vaseline patient;
    • keep the capacity at the chin of the patient, if necessary wipe chin; • remove container, towel; • Remove the rubber gloves; •Wash the hands.

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