Primenenie binary stoma bags

Your actions should be as follows

  • determine the contour of the stoma;
  • draw the outline of your stoma on the included template;
  • cut the corresponding hole;
  • apply a pattern on a support plate;
  • paint over holes and contour cut (up responsesstiein the plate should match the size of your stoma);
  • remove the plate protects its boom­gu holding plate for the flange ring;
  • apply it to the stoma;
  • press and smooth the first plate about the flange ring, and then – at the edges;
  • Make sure that the bag walls are not stuck together before you put it;
  • align the lower flange portion of the plate and the bag, and, starting from the bottom, gently presses­those on the circumference of flange rings, until they snap in the right place and will not­reliably fixed;
  • Pull down the bag to make sure to­Connection reliability flanges.

In the care of stoma patients admit typical­nye errors leading:

  • mechanical irritation when changing stoma bags;
  • skin irritation chemical substance­E;

“A rapid peeling plate holes due to rinsing under the shower plate;

  • an incorrect closing of the clamp when one uses­mations drainage bag;
  • When gluing the bag is loosely at­Mounting by a plate, which can cause it to sweat­re.

If a patient – an elderly man and is reusable ileostomy, you must otre­gulirovat the act of defecation, and dress him roofingto the period of defecation. Colostomy bags freeing­content of dissolved, washed, and stored in polyethylene­tion package. Between acts defecation mozh­but wearing times sew oval four-six-layer cloth to sew her waist with one hand, and on the other – buttons or hooks.

After defecation with a soft cloth should wash the skin around the stoma with warm water and we­scrap. Dry dry with a soft towel. greasethe skin around the stoma paste “Stomageziv” and on the intestinal mucosa apply Vaseline, warning drying of the mucous membrane bleeding and the appearance of cracks. Then apply to the area of ​​the stoma napkin, folded in four layers and lock her belt. From top to put on underwear.

Currently it offers a wide range of products for skin care around the stoma. Pasta “Abutseya” is designed to protect the skin and scarring of tissue around the stoma. The paste has healing properties. “Statin” – poroshkoob­misc dressing means is used for treating the skin around the stoma as ranozazhiv–governing means.

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