Cancers are very bye­wounded kind of pathology. But further propagation­Country population inadequate representation­Lenia about cancer and incorrect information about the possibilities of dealing with it.

Most forms of cancer develops’s advantage­governmental in the elderly. With the aging of at­villages the number of cases increases regularly. There are three areas of the fight against cancer:

  1. Prevention.
  2. Early diagnosis.
  3. Treatment.

At each of these stages are used definition­lennye methods and opportunities.

disease prevention – this is the most chapters­a specified direction. Prevention is always went­human, more humane than cure. Development of methods and recommendations for cancer prevention bases­camping on objective knowledge about its etiology and epi­demiologii. The relationship of different factors with the risk of cancer, as well as the prevalence of these factors and cancers they cause, allow us to determine the share of cases­s disease caused by a specific factor­torus.

  • Tobacco. Tobacco smoke – carcinogen for a human. Numerous epidemiological studies have proved the link of smoking to the development oflung cancer, oral cavity, the lower lip, larynx, esophagus, stomach, pancreas. Even passive inhalation of environmental tobacco smoke among non-smokers can significantly increase their development of cancer and other diseases.
  • Nutrition. The relationship between the development of a number of pa­postglacial diseases with excessively high-calorie meal (high Ms consumption­votnyh fats). The consequence of this nutrition is­Smiling overweight. In these patients increases the risk of colon and prostate cancer- in men, breast, uterus, gallbladder – in women. The increase in consumption ovo­cabbage soup and vegetables significantly reduces the risk formed­Bani most forms of cancer. The protective effect of fruits and vegetables is due, above all, contains­zhaschimisya them vitamins and food portage­us.
  • Alcohol. Regular consumption increased­GOVERNMENTAL doses of alcohol increases the risk of cancers such as cancer of the mouth, larynx, pharynx, esophagus. Moreover, the combination of alcohol with smoking the risk of increase cancer­INDICATES repeatedly.
  • Solar radiation. After a special IC­investigations proved the connection of increased risk of skin tumors, including cancerous­hydrochloric melanoma, a part of the solar radiation and periodic burning sun. recom-etsya be in the area of ​​solar radiation in the ut­rennie and evening hours.
  • reproductive behavior – in the absence of birthhistory or late delivery (after 30 – 35 years of the first birth), chronic disorders of menstrual­Foot cycle, late onset of menopause (after 55 years) – may increase the risk of their wives­Shin breast, ovarian and uterine body.
  • Professional carcinogens. There are production and technological processes, koto­ryh used substances that cause cancer in humans. As a result of years of research proved that asbestos, nitrosomines, coal tar, cadmium, arsenic, nickel compounds, chromium, polycyclic carbon­hydrogens increase the risk of developing cancer.
  • Viruses. A role in the development department­GOVERNMENTAL forms of cancer viruses play. Human papilloma virus may increase the risk of developing cervical cancer. Einstein’s virus-Bard – the development of nasopharyngeal cancer. Hepatitis B, C – the development of liver cancer.

Scientific studies on the factors and conditions of development of cancer prevention methods for determining:

  • Give up smoking, do not smoke in the presence of non-smokers;
  • Avoid sunbathing, avoid sunburn;
  • Follow the safety precautions in the workplace and at home with regard to substances that can Call­Vat tumor;
  • do not abuse alcohol; “Avoid excess weight, keeping physically active;
  • eliminate overeating. Bring total calorie­riynost power in accordance with the physics mode­iCal loads and energy costs;
  • Limit your intake of animal fats, cop­chenyh and savory foods;
  • Eat more vegetables, fruits, vegetables, cereals high in fiber;
  • take regular vitamins, mikroelemen­you antioestrogens protease inhibitor;
  • carry out preventive vaccination pro­TIV hepatitis B virus

Methods of drug prevention Settle­Vanir experimental and epidemiological­E research has shown that WHO­possibility of preventing or deterring times­Vitia tumors using appropriate with­Unity.

For the prevention of breast cancer have been offered anti-estrogen drugs, poskol­ku estrogens in certain conditions STI­formulated the development of neoplastic changes in this organ.

Antiestrogen drug tamoxifen effects­veins in relation to breast cancer prevention as­lezy, It is prescribed prophylactically in women with a hereditary predisposition to cancer of this localization or women who have re­carrying the cancer is a breast for its pro­Galaxy are in the other.

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