Rak pancreas characterized by the following features:


  • pain – one of the symptoms of the disease. UsuallyPain dull, aching and pressing, are located in the upper abdomen. Increased pain may WHO­Nick after a fatty meal or alcohol. Upon accession, inflammation, pain can have herpes character. Sometimes strong pain due to compression of the solar plexus;
  • jaundice, which is growing rapidly, there is itching. Characteristically dark urine staining and light (gray) cal. Fecal fat­nye poorly washed with water on the bowl wall;

. • Weight loss of up to 10 – 15% per month;

  • increase in body temperature to 38 ° C and above;
  • palpation can be felt the presence of ca.­ruglogo painless in ne Education­Cheney – an enlarged gall bladder. Enlargement of the spleen and the pain in her area are rare.

Esophageal cancer has the following symptoms slaughtering­Levan:

  • salivate – first and quite early symptom of malignancy;
  • violation of swallowing, while taking fuss food­cabins unpleasant sensation, scratching feeling when passing food bolus or at any level or delay. Difficulty swallowing solid alloy­Doi food. Food has to drink, later hardly passes and liquid food, in this case, the patient feels a sense of fullness. Choking when eating;
  • halitosis due food DELAY­alive in the esophagus;
  • vomiting eaten food;
  • chest pain or interscapular Oblas­ty, cough, hoarseness;
  • progressive weight loss.

Breast cancer – the most common­Noah disease common in women. on wounds­these stages there is a seal of painless­transform of in breast size “pea” hereinafter – with a “nut” or more. Uwe­lichenie in size can be rapid or months­E do not change size. Uneven surface, OPU­Chol may be movable with the gland otno­respect of the chest, or be associated with it. The patient has the following symptoms:

“Discharge from the nipple, often bloody, nipple retracted;

  • skin above the tumor can be retracted, hyperemic;
  • there is an increase in body temperature;
  • in the nipple may cause erosions, weeping surface coated flakes and peels;
  • an increase in the lymph nodes of the subclavian and axillary areas;
  • swelling of the upper limbs on the affected side.

At external examination should be addre­of discoloration on the skin.

Pallor could be fold­kovremennoy and prolonged. Short-Bled­Nost occurs when a strong negative emotional stimulation. Long pale skin, mucous membranes associated with a decrease containing­Nia hemoglobin or red blood cells; blood loss may be caused by, associated with tumor growth and destruction of blood vessels and TKA­her or disintegration of the tumor itself.

Icteric staining of the skin and sclera Svyda­ments of pancreatic disease, liver, bile ducts, associated with zlokache­governmental tumors or with compression of the bile duct, or hepatic metastases lesion OPU­Hawley stomach, intestines. jaundice is accompanied­etsya pruritus.

darkening of the skin associated with the bilateral lesion adrenal primary tumors or metastases.

Pigmentation disorders. The skin may be different spots: a completely amelanotic, korich­nevye or almost black. When the erosion, Th­shuek, warty excrescences in place pigment­GOVERNMENTAL spots rapidly growing pigmented lesions and tumors should alert the patient.

Malignant melanoma – they never hair growth. Melanoma tends to decay and bleeding. A defect may,­be covered with crusts, but does not heal. when discovered­SRI these changes should be immediately Obra­titsya to the oncologist.

Slightly education in the lower lip, painless, takes the form of ulcers with valikoobraznymi edges or sprawl resembles a “cauliflower”. Sprawl may ne­Wraith to the mucosa of oral cavity, on the skin, to capture most of the lower lip. The appearance at­lenii patient must first sign of­ratitsya to the oncologist.

Swelling in the lower jaw. at­may be cause of cancer of the salivary glands. At the bottom of the neck to the left or right from the center in the isthmus of the thyroid gland tumor can be observed more often – benign. Inspection should be subject to over-and podklyuchich­nye region, as there are often localized various pathological processes.

Swollen lymph nodes. when it’s time to­zhenii lymph node metastasis of the tumor they took­Chiva, may merge with each other in konglo­Merate. The skin over them, normal color,

 The appearance of puffiness, pastosity face and neck, and then swelling with erythema and cyanosis. Emerging symptoms associated with passing-leniem or tumor invasion of vascular or nerve structures localized inside the breast­hydrochloric cells.

On examination of the chest is important symmetric­Nosta and even participated in the act of breathing both its halves. Neoplastic processes lead to lagging­vaniyu one of the halves of the chest that we meet again­ments abuse department of respiration­GOVERNMENTAL sites or the entire lung.

If a strong increase in the liver or the spleen, at least – for tumors of the stomach and intestines, pancreas, abdominal wall deformation occurs and its asymmetry, but it happens very rarely.

Changing contours of the upper and lower finite­NOSTA, edema associated with compression of vessels OPU­holyu. Swelling of one upper limb are at the apex of the lung cancer or metastatic cancer of lactic­hydrochloric gland. Swelling of both upper extremities – metastases in the mediastinum.

Swelling, deformation of large joints, as well as thickening of the nail phalanxes of fingers (like drumsticks rounded and bulging nail plates on watch glasses type) is accompanied by lung cancer.

On examination of mammary glands (standing in front of a mirror), you must pay attention to the possibility­Noe appearance asymmetry, contour changes or form one breast due Inverted nipples or protrusions or uniform skin increasing mammary abrupt swelling of the nipple. The appearance of the tuberosity, the change in color of the skin on the breasts, the appearance of erosions, crusts in the area of ​​the nipple – are manifestations of cancer.

After the inspection is necessary to palpation. Palpation is based on a subjective feeling and evaluation of the examined organs and tissues. In this study, measured density, flexibility, mobility and pain of the subject body part or organ. In palpation teaching­exist fingertips, nails should not ka­satsya skin. The study is best done in van­hydrochloric, when the body is sufficiently good and fresh Preheat­the right or in the shower, when lathered hands and body. You can use the cream for relief slidin­Nia fingers over the skin.

Palpation begin with feelings of stroking­yuschimi movements:

  • Skin and facial tissues;
  • scalp;
  • the front and back of the neck;
  • supraclavicular and subclavian areas;
  • chest front and sides;
  • separately palpable mammary glands (samopalpatsiyu mammary glands);
  • armpits;
  • stomach;
  • inguinal region;
  • upper and lower limbs.

Tumors of the salivary glands can be felt in the form of dense hilly, maloboleznennyh or bezboleznennyh formations at the front and a little to the bottom of the external auditory canal in the sides of individuals or in the submandibular region. In the neck area, and over the subclavian, axillary and inguinal areas of palpable lymph nodes. Normally, he would not be felt, are small, oblong, painless education. When a malignant tumor lesion skie lymph nodes increase in size, they take another shape and become dense touch Sometimes they merge together into a conglomerate which is defined as the formation of irregularly shaped lumpy palpation.

Palpation of the abdomen is best done in the supine position with gentle pumping

movements in a clockwise direction. you can Detectlive dense formations, enlarged liver, right upper quadrant, the spleen – in the left upper quadrant pain Palpation revealed place strengthening the already existing pain.

Inguinal lymph nodes is determined by palpation, normally they are rarely palpable.


Palpation painless dense formations on the external genitalia is a cause for consultation at the oncologist. conduct samoob­you must follow at least the 1st time in a month.

The detection of tumors, which has proved itself in no way, should be alert and make you immediately consult a specialist­sheet for diagnosis. The sooner reveal­Lena tumor, the better the result of her treatment. By­Try not to worry, do not despair, and mood­os to fight the disease, believe in the possibility, if not cure, the considerable improvement.

Currently, it is desirable to self-examination­it do after 40 years. To do this:

  • undergo an annual fluorography obsl­dovanie, and in the presence of unfavorable factors

— 2 times per year;

  • Women should be 1 once a year obsl­dovanie a gynecologist, in the presence of mastitis – 2

-3 times a year examined by a breast physician or oncologist;

  • at the slightest changes in the stomach req­Dimo conduct fluoroscopy fibrogastroscopy;
  • a change in the gut is recommended wasps­Motril proctologist, endoscopic examination – colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, rentgenissledoBani, and barium enema.

It must be remembered that the older the person, the more likely the occurrence of his cancer.

Many patients experience a panic in determining the tumor during self-examination.

The word “fear” comes from the Latin ango] (compress, compress). Fear – the uncertainty, the devil­objective, anonymous, unmotivated emotion, fear changes the direction of the thoughts and behavior.! Experiencing the emotion of fear, the patient has] a likely prognosis of possible troubles and acts on the basis of this (often not reliable) forecast. This emotion can.] Be like sthenic and asthenic and against­Cach either in the form of stress conditions, either in the form It affects (horror – as an extreme variant of fear).

It is impossible to eliminate all the experiences of life ,, are associated with an aspect of its destruction, t. E. The sensation of pain, suffering, fear, and hatred just as it is impossible to imagine life without the positive experiences associated with aspects of her creations mi (joy, pleasure, love).

When the objective changes in the health status of the patient has obsessive fears. So ,, for diseases affecting vital functions may thanatophobia – the fear of death. Defeating this condition a person may not always be very, very often the patient needs psychological help aimed, first, of all, to reduce the level of fear and anxiety, improvement of psychological adaptation.

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