Uhod Eye

If there is discharge from the eye, gluing eyelashes and eyelids, the degree during the morning toilet­-sterile swab soaked in antiseptic ra­the shots (0.02 percent solution furatsilina or 2 percent sodium hydrogen carbonate solution), about­Tirana eyelashes and eyelids;

  • cook: rubber gloves with ste package­-sterile gauze, a plastic bag to dump the waste material,
    container for an antiseptic solution;
  • wash hands, wear gloves;
  • Opening of the packages with sterile towels;
  • pour antiseptic solution prepared­hydrochloric container (cup);
  • moisten the cloth and wring out;
  • wipe the eyelashes, eyelids in the direction from on­ruzhnogo angle to the inside;
  • throw the tissue in a plastic bag for waste material;
  • repeat the processing (4 – 5 times), changing pads;
  • wet remains of a solution with a dry cloth;
  • remove the plastic bag from the waste material container with an antiseptic solution;
  • Remove gloves, wash your hands.

Care nasal cavity

In seriously ill on the nasal mucosa accumulate mucus and dust, making it difficult to respiratory­of and aggravates the patient’s condition. Seriously ill patients can not independently release the nasal passages. During the morning the toilet in the presence of apportionment­Nij of the nose or the formation of crusts their wake­is removed with a cotton turundy:

  • prepare: rubber gloves, a bottle of wa­zelinovym oil, cotton, plastic bag for dropping waste material;
  • Made of wool turundy (4-6 pieces);
  • Wash and dry hands;
  • wear gloves;
  • moisten turunda vial with vaseline weight­scrap, gently squeeze the edge of the bottle neck;
  • turunda take in the right hand, left hand at­raise the tip of the patient’s nose and enter turunda physicians­Carefully movements in one of the nasal passages;
  • turunda leave for 1 – 3 minutes;
  • Remove the rotary movements of turunda nasal passage;
  • handle the other nostril in the same od­bong;
  • remove waste material in polyethylene­vy package;
  • Remove gloves, wash your hands dry.

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